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Our Vision

We believe in a world where the therapeutic benefits of interactions between animals and humans are universally embraced and practiced.

Animal Magic Films aims to enrich human well-being by increasing awareness about the powerful human-animal bond. With increased awareness, people will more easily access therapeutic human-animal interaction and bonding therapies.

When humans connect with animals, we experience joy, love,

connection, awe, support, growth and deep healing because

animals innately offer unconditional love and non-judgment

About Diane

After accidentally rescuing a puppy 24 years ago, Diane became involved with animal rescue and adoption and served on the board of directors of a small animal rescue organization. She is a Certified Humane Education Specialist and the author of the award-winning books: JJ the American Street Dog and How He Came to Live in Our House, JJ Goes to Puppy Class, and What to Expect When Adopting a Dog.

Her latest project is sharing the power of the human-animal-bond and the myriad therapeutic ways animals help people in a series of short documentary films and an upcoming docuseries. She also just completed her Master's degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Change from Pepperdine University. 

You can learn more about Diane’s books and other work at Pets People Planet Connection.

Read the extraordinary true story that inspired Animal Magic Films!

Our Mission

The Docuseries:

In order to share compelling stories of healing and the science behind the human-animal bond, Animal Magic Films is creating a docuseries that demonstrates the dynamic impact animals have on people while addressing animal wellbeing as well. *The series is currently on hold

Why Is This Important?

Why Now?

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Thousands of people are experiencing physical, emotional, or cognitive challenges that are not helped by traditional therapies. Yet many of these challenges can be supported by a service dog, a therapy animal interaction, or a pet.

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Many people are either unaware that support is available to them, services aren’t available in their community, or it’s simply cost-prohibitive.

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Most people know some of the stories and applications, but we believe that the more people that know about the variety of human-animal interactions, the more people that can be served by various therapies.

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