The Science And Magic of the Human-Animal Bond
Interview Series

Meet people doing important human-animal bond work
in this interview series.

There’s no such thing as a Big Bad Wolf. Lori Wynn, founder of Guardians of the Wolves has successfully worked with cattle ranchers to introduce non-lethal ways of keeping the wolves from harming their cattle. She is on a mission to work with more ranchers. Her Wolfdog Ambassadors teach people that they are not to be feared. And many of the wolfdogs are therapy animals! Wolves were delisted from the endangered species list and Guardians of the Wolves is also helping stop the hunt.

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Bar K is an innovative new business combining a fully staffed dog park with a bar, restaurant and event space to create a joyful and unique destination for people and dogs. Meet Leib Dodell, a founding partner of Bar K and learn about how Bar K is bringing together the community, helping dogs find new homes, teaching humane education, giving dogs their best life, and fostering diversity and inclusivity within the community. As of 2018 the first space opened in Kansas City. The second Bar K is set to open in St. Louis in October of 2021with more to follow in Oklahoma City and beyond.

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Before the pandemic, Deity Animal Rescue was saving dogs’ lives in Los Angeles. Even though pet adoptions have skyrocketed during the pandemic, there is still plenty of animal rescue to be done, humane education, and spay and neuter. Ellen Ballon Dante and Lindsay Bird have big hearts, a large foster home network and a generous community leading to successful dog rescue and adoption stories that foster the human-animal bond.

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