The Science And Magic of the Human-Animal Bond
Interview Series

Meet people doing important human-animal bond work
in this interview series.

Mutual Rescue is a national initiative created by Humane Society Silicon Valley to change conversation around animal welfare. When you donate to animal rescue and shelters you are not only helping to save the life of an animal, but you are also positively transforming the lives of people in the community through life-changing human-animal relationships. Meet Carol Novello, the founder of Mutual Rescue and learn how Mutual Rescue is impacting communities and individuals.

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This week's interview is important. My guests, Jamie Baldanza and Deb Lee Carson are making beautiful films about wild land in the US and the horses that live on them. Unfortunately, the horses’ lives are at stake because there’s a big difference of opinion as to who has the right to live on the wild land- the horses or cattle.

Find Jamie and Deb, and Wild Horses Wild Lands here:

From time to time I am asked whether a cat can be part of a therapy animal team. Listen in to the conversation I had with Allison Hunter-Frederick of Allison Helps Cats. She's a cat behavior consultant and trainer and has a ton of good information to share. 

Find Alison and Rainy the therapy cat here:

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