The Science And Magic of the Human-Animal Bond
Interview Series

Meet people doing important human-animal bond work
in this interview series.

My first interview of 2022 with Steve Kaufman, the Senior Manager, Adoption Initiatives at PetSmart Charities, did not disappoint.


Steve and I spoke a few months ago and I was fascinated by the work they are doing. Hint: It goes way beyond pet adoption.

Learn more about PetSmart Charities here:

My interview for the Science & Magic of the Human-Animal Bond Interview Series this week was really incredible. 

Larry Grogan is the author of A Tail of Love: Life Lessons from Scrappy, a Pet Therapy Dog. Larry, like me, never intended to write a book and yet, the book he produced is truly a gem.
Learn more about Larry and get your copy of A Tail of Love here:

My interview with Lisa Hilas of Saving Gracie this week did not disappoint. Lisa lost a pet in a tragic accident when she was a child. She never wants anyone to feel that kind of heartbreak, especially if the cost of emergency veterinary care is what is standing in the way. Lisa founded Saving Gracie, a non-profit that helps families pay for emergency veterinary care. 

Learn more about Lisa & Saving Gracie here:

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