The Science And Magic of the Human-Animal Bond
Interview Series

Meet people doing important human-animal bond work
in this interview series.

I loved speaking with Valerie Ingram and Alistair Shroff of Lakes Animal Friendship Society this week.

Lakes Animal Friendship Society in northern Canada, works to support the large community cat situation, to help teach children humane education, dog bite safety, that animals can be our friends, and more. 

Find Valerie & Alistair's work here:

I consider myself very connected with my dogs and I love other dogs, but I’m not necessarily tuned into their all of their needs and wants.


Do you ever talk to your dogs? I loved speaking with Animal Communicator Liz Murdoch of Talking with the Dogs

this past week.


Wondering how it works? Watch the interview!

Find Liz and her work here:

Meet Michael Caldwell, the founder of Petworks, an online platform that connects pet parents with pet professionals. Whether you are a brand new pet parent looking for local services or have more seasoned pet care needs, Petworks offers you a network of providers at your fingertips. Petworks offers services to dogs, cats, horses and most every type of pet.


Find Michael & Petworks here:

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Our Mission is to capture and share stories that demonstrate the positive impact therapy animals have on people.

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