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Here you will find our mini-documentary films that share just a few of the ways animals help people, and in some cases, how people are helping animals too. It is truly a human-animal bond.

Welcome to the fifth film in a series of mini-documentary films about the Human-Animal Bond and the ways animals help people. 


While all of the other mini-documentaries that we have created were filmed before the pandemic, this newest one was created during the pandemic. We got curious about what therapy animal teams were doing when they couldn't visit within their communities in person. What we found was a whole lot of creativity and heart.

"What an uplifting story and reminder that our furry friends were impacted by COVID isolation too! Thank you for sharing and reminding us the importance of the human/animal bond!" — Andrea K. B., YouTube

Before the pandemic (when this was filmed), therapy animals were making finals week just a tad bit less stressful for college students. Can you imagine how excited students will be when these visits resume in person?

"That's such a great need and idea. I wish therapy animals were around when I was in school going through finals." — Li K., YouTube

There are so many ways that animals help people. Sometimes animals help us with physical challenges that we can see, and sometimes the challenges are invisible to others. Moby the Therapy Dog does what he does best, which is to be a dog! His presence makes the therapist’s job a little bit easier and the session a whole lot more fun for the client.

"This is an amazing idea!  Therapy dogs (and normal pets too) really help in balancing our mental health - so this is really awesome!" — Amanda P., YouTube

This is the second mini-documentary in the series.

Filming the Canine Commandos was great because the kids were having such a great time working with the dogs that they didn’t even realize they were learning. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? And how awesome that the dogs get trained so that they become more adoptable.

"This is awesome in so many ways. I love the comment that students are learning empathy, what a tremendously important quality to learn. Fantastic!" — Beca L., Facebook

"This is so awesome. Thanks to all involved." — Lisa G., YouTube

Welcome to the first in Animal Magic Films series of mini-documentary films about the Human-Animal Bond. Travelers at LAX sure do appreciate the therapy dogs.

"Diane, that is so awesome. Great work and love the PUP idea. Never knew about it. Thank you for bringing it to my (and the whole world's) attention." — Suzanna M., YouTube

"Every airport should have this. Love it!" — Patricia P., Facebook

Meet the Film Crew



Producer, Director

Certified Humane Education Specialist and author, Diane became involved with animal rescue and served on the board of directors of an animal rescue organization.  Read More...



Cinematographer, Director

After being accepted for the M.F.A Film and TV Production program at USC, he graduated in 2018 and is now committed to follow his dream of telling stories that can change the world. Read More...



Director, Producer

Over the course of his 30-year career (and 60+ film and tv shows) he has etched out a prolific body of work ranging from low budget independents to mega-budget film and TV projects. Read More…



Producer, Writer

Theresa started her production career in South Florida in 2005. She is a self taught 1st AD who has worked her way up the ranks from ultra-low budget indies to network television shows. Read More...




After picking up her first film camera at the age of 13, Carrie became enthralled with photography, spending hours after school in the darkroom and going everywhere with a camera in her hand. Merging her two loves of photography and motion pictures (...) Read More...

Hannah bio pic.jpg



Hannah Tripp loves filmmaking. After earning a B.A. in Media Arts and Entertainment at Elon University in 2013, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a film editor.  Read More...

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