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Welcome to the Animal Magic Films Community 

We are showcasing YOUR stories, images, and videos.

Submit Your Human-Animal Bond Story

Do you have a story you would like to share? It could be about how your pet, a service or emotional support animal positively affects your daily life. Or maybe you are a volunteer, professional or beneficiary of therapy animal visits. Are you a veterinarian or healthcare professional? Do you work in animal rescue or humane education?
Whatever your human-animal bond story is, we invite you to share it here.

Option 1:​

  • Submit a photo with a caption. (Please make sure the caption explains how this animal has helped you or another person or people.)

Option 2:

  • Submit your story — up to 300 words. (We may lightly edit and/or revise. Please include a photo.)

Option 3:

  • Submit a video story. (Videos must be under one minute long. You are welcome to include a brief text caption as well.)

You must own the rights to your photo, story or video.


If you have a longer Human-Animal Bond story to share, please reach out to us here for the opportunity to be featured as a guest on our blog or to be interviewed by Diane.

By submitting your image, video and/or story you agree that it may appear on Animal Magic Films’ website and may be used in social media.

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