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Diane's Diary #26: Wrapping Day 1 and Minor Tech Glitches

Note: This is Excerpt #26 in Diane’s Diary. If you would like to read previous excerpts, you can find Diane’s Diary 1-25 here.


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In Diane’s Diary #25 we learned a little bit about Erin and Kaitlyn’s experiences living in Parkland Florida while filming them in October 2019. It was an intense and lovely day spending time with them.

Miles sunning himself.

Once we were done with the interviews it was getting late and we decided to capture some more b-roll (footage that we can cut to during an interview) while it wasn’t raining since there was a lot of rain in the forecast. So, Kaitlyn, Mikaela and Erin played with their super cute Jack Russell terrier, Miles, for a bit in the yard. Then, they took Miles for a walk together which we captured on film. (When you see that in the film, you’ll know that that was our b-roll!)

It was time to wrap up for the night and the guys loaded up again, though we were able to store some of the big gear (not the expensive cameras) in Erin’s house overnight. Mike, my producer/director, and I went to dinner so we could upload the footage to the hard drives. Marcos, our cameraman wanted to grab some dinner on his own and crash out. This is when the day got really interesting….

I had remembered to bring my hard drives and my computer. What I did not remember was the dongle that would convert a regular usb to my Macbook pro. Now, I love my Apple products. I really do. But seriously, no USB port anymore? We have to use a converter?

So, Mike uploaded everything through his Mac which had a USB. I had chosen to film in 4K which at the time of filming was the higher end of industry standard. I have no idea where these films will end up and I would hate to look back after filming in a lower resolution and find out that it is insufficient for where my films are viewed.

4K takes up a lot of media space and we had to upload a bunch of files. Then we wanted to check that all of the footage was there. Uh-oh. Mike’s computer won’t play the videos back.

The files need to get converted by software that will view them. It was getting late and we had been up since 5:30am and decided that he would back up to both of my drives and we would figure out next steps in the morning.

Next time I will know better!


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