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Diane's Diary #21: Take One!

Note: This is Excerpt #21 in Diane’s Diary. If you would like to read previous excerpts, you can find Diane’s Diary 1-20 here.


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(This is a continuation of my first experience shooting the first part of my first feature in October 2019. If you are new to this blog, this story starts at Diane’s Diary #19.)

Around 9 am we were finally ready to interview the doctor.

He was humble and admitted that he was nervous which I so appreciated and understood. I’m often nervous when I have to speak in front of people, so I get it. He asked if this was live and I assured him it was not, and we could do this as many times as he wanted until he was satisfied with how it came out. I told him I had seen him on video before and he was great, and I knew he would be great today too.

My crew helped outfit him with the microphone (heck if I knew what to do) and then we got started.

Part of our legal agreement had included me sharing the questions I would be asking ahead of time so the hospital legal team could approve them. Understandably they are concerned that I might be saying something inflammatory about the doctor or the hospital. I was happy to stick with the agreed-upon questions because my intention for this film is to support the growth of the human-animal bond field and certainly not to defame anyone.

I desire to share, as best as I can, what I know and learn about the human-animal bond and how people might benefit from this information.

The questions were straightforward about epilepsy, Kaitlyn’s diagnosis, her seizures, and treatment. Oh, it’s important to note here that one of the releases we and the hospital had to obtain, was permission from the family for the doctor to speak publicly about his patient and her treatment. Of course, we want to be as respectful as possible while also explaining as much as we can to help the viewer understand. (Erin, Kaitlyn’s mom and Kaitlyn are both eager to share their journey, and we have built a relationship and they trust that I have their best interests in mind. They were happy to sign the release.)

Photo 17881880 © Christoph Weihs |

I mentioned in Diane’s Diary #20 how much gear was required for this shoot. Part of the gear includes a slate- you know- the thingie that shows what scene it is that claps down and the PA or producer says “Take One” along with a scene description. Marcos (cameraman) said- “Rolling”… We clapped the slate, said “Take One” and we were rolling!

Join us next time to learn a little bit about what this neurologist shared with us. It was fascinating.


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