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Beneficial effects of animal-assisted visits on cancer patients during radiation-chemotherapy

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Beneficial effects of animal-assisted visits on quality of life during treatment

Contact with animals has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, decrease depression, and reduce pain perception in children.

In a randomized, repeated-measures study of 76 adults, 10 investigators compared systolic pulmonary artery pressure, pulmonary capillary wedge pressure, and epinephrine and norepinephrine levels in 3 groups: 1 that received a 12-minute visit from a volunteer with a therapy dog; 1 that received a visit from an unaccompanied volunteer; and a control group that received the standard care.

After the intervention, the volunteer-dog group had the greatest decreases in all areas.

Please see the full details of this study here.


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